Portrait Commissions

Portraits are made with the portrait subject in direct collaboration; the artist drawing, the subject sitting or standing. For a small drawing this may take as little as 20 minutes. For a larger oil portraits this may require multiple sessions of 90 minutes to 3 hours each (with as many breaks as needed for comfort and alertness). The artist may make additional pencil or ink sketches in support of the oil portraits. 

If the intent is for an action portrait, the artist will go on location and make several ink or pencil sketches of the subject in action, these will be transcribed into a panel or canvas back in the studio.

If the subject is absolutely, positively not available for a sitting or for location drawings, multiple photographs should be provided. The artist will draw from the photographs and then paint from the drawings to arrive at an image not based on any single photograph. 

For multiple subjects in a single image, add 25% per additional figure in large works, 50% in small works and drawings. This does not include tondos, for goodness sake, those are just big enough for one person. 

Drawings and book tiles are unframed. Paintings on panel or canvas include a simple frame. 

Interested parties in Oregon and SW Washington should contact the Froelick Gallery; elsewhere or for all illustration and notebook projects, write the artist directly


5" x 6" pencil tondo         120

10" x 8" drawing               200

19" x 12.5" charcoal          540

25" x 19" charcoal            780


Blue Book Tile                  420


Event Notebook              variable


Oil Painting

5" x 4" book tile                 420

5" x 4" panel                       420

10" x 8"                               960

13" x 9.5"                            1080

20" x 16"                             2100

36" x 24"                             3840

48" x 36"                             4800

50" x 50"                             6000